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Assets can be held in many different ways making even the average asset search a complicated process. Frequently when someone is actively hiding their assets to avoid the reach of a debtor, ex-wife or the like, they utilize things like shell corporations, relative and trusts to hold legal ownership of the assets. These efforts accomplish their task and make finding any assets considerably more difficult. Effectively, a search for one individual’s assets leads to searching for assets held in many places. Like with any investigation, the more places we have to search, the greater the cost.

Aside from how the assets are held, they come in many forms. Cash is the impossible thing to locate and attach to an owner. Physical assets like vehicles, water craft, airplanes, buildings are titled to some person or entity making ownership relatively easy to determine once the asset is located. Ownership of a business is much the same way. Bank accounts, investment accounts and the like are also registered to a person or business, but are much harder to locate because the owners identity is intentionally designed to be kept private by the financial institution. It is also important to know that our firm does not attempt to obtain tax information or filings and such activity is illegal.

To help make the search criteria easier for our clients, we have developed several “packages” of asset searches. These searches are designed to offer you various levels of depth in your searches without having to over spend.

Please note that most of these searches are focused on records in one particular state. Accordingly, some types of records are not available in certain states and the packages may differ slightly depending on local limitations to information.

ServiceFlat Rate
Basic Statewide Asset Search$425.00
Intermediate Asset Search$675.00
Advanced Asset Search$975.00
Corporation and Business Asset Search$1,195.00
Comprehensive Asset Search for Attorneys Only$1,395.00

Some of the commonly encountered assets that we are able to search for include:

  1. Residence History Search
  2. Area Demographics
  3. Aliases / DOB and Other Names Used
  4. Federal Litigation Search
  5. Motor Vehicle Ownership
  6. Watercraft Ownership
  7. Aircraft Ownership Search
  8. Real Property Ownership Search
  9. Corporation Ownership Search
  10. Judgment and Lien Search
  11. DBA and Assumed Name Search
  12. Bankruptcy Search
  13. Criminal History Search
  14. Incarceration History Search
  15. Employment Search
  16. UCC Filings
  17. Neighborhood Interviews and photograph of residence
  18. Litigation Search in the most relevant County or Circuit Court
  19. Litigation Search in the most relevant Municipal Court
  20. US Dept of Corrections Search
  21. Professional Licenses Search
  22. Internet Domain Ownership Search

Of course clients are always interested in locating bank and investment accounts held at private financial institutions. Although there are various ways to search for such accounts, there are limitations to how we can search. Further, these limitations prevent us from guaranteeing that we will find any or all financial accounts during our search. Our searches are limited to inquiries of public records, creditor information, insurance records, UCC filings, trash inspections, surveillance, databases, vendor records and payments, third party information, applications and foreign sources.

For more information on these packages, please call and speak with one of our investigators at 888-677-9700

Asset Search services in Michigan

Important Information about Investigations:

Although we are among the best in the industry at what we do and are recognized experts in court, we are not magicians. We cannot make things exist that donít. We cannot find out the employer of an unemployed person. We cannot always find everything our clients would like within a limited scope job.

Accordingly, we do no guarantee any outcome on any case.

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